Getting Up Early

Third day into the 31-day writing challenge and the topic is something that my dad ingrained into my upbringing
December 10, 2014

Goals Driven

I am currently challenged to take on several transformations in my life. First, being a wife, a daughter and
December 9, 2014

I’m joining My 500 Words in 31 Days Challenge

So here am I stupefied and bewildered by the sentiment of writing 500 words so early in the morning
December 8, 2014

Sky 360: You can never go wrong with a view

You can never go wrong with eating delicious cuisine made with French techniques while enjoying an amazing view of
October 26, 2014

Zen Monk

My portrayal on a male counterpart for Kimmidoll.
October 17, 2014

Small Haiku

When reading a haiku, it felt like a small feeling is shared by the author or character in the
October 17, 2014