the elements of content strategy

Content Management Phase

I have recently undertaken another web profession, which I didn’t plan to happen but now has taken its course into my life… and left me more confused as to what I really want to achieve career-wise. Haha.

I am churning articles for a corporate blog and doing my best to repurpose content to market content on social media.

It’s quite a strenuous undertaking provided I never had professional writing background and hardly do I think personal blogging is seen as a journalistic working experience.

Yet, here I am surging on with all I’ve got to learn content management since in retrospect I do love to read and surf almost all day long. Writing on the other hand will need practice but hey I’m learning but somehow, I feel happy. :)

Below are samples of my recent compositions for a corporate blog:

I’m also fixing my schedule to include regular postings for and

Busy, busy, busy!

I’m currently reading this ebook titled Elements of Content Strategy for more learnings. I hope this will help me a lot on this new endeavour. :D

July 1, 2014 Canada Day Park Event

My First Canada Day and Good Earth Cafe

My day started with my husband and I had our run at Prince’s Park. Despite the cold winds, we were pumped up by the promise of the holiday of bonding and complete relaxation.

Watching the river flow.

As usual, we enjoyed the scenery despite being there before. You cannot have enough of nature I think. Trees always has the way of making you feel calm and energized. Plus, the river is nearby. It was mesmerizing just watching it flow.

My hubby by the Indian looking huts

We discovered teepees set-up in the park grounds. They were for a celebration or some event later in the day .

Good Earth at 11th Avenue SW Calgary

After our run, we had our breakfast at a nearby cafe called Good Earth. I liked how this branch was set-up not inside of an office building. It was on its own, beside a nearby park. It doesn’t have that too busy, face-paced feel compared to those cafes found in office buildings. I consider this the type of cafe I would like to bring my laptop to and work in all day long.

Interior of Good Earth Coffeehouse

As with other cafes, the interiors showcased delectable breads on displays. Wooden floors and walls gave everything the usual cafe earthy feel, plus the chill music moderates any frazzled soul. Since we just came from a run, the place indeed calmed us down.

Good Earth Coffees and Bread Panini

We ordered a small cup of Cappuccino, and a small cup of Cafe Mocha with whipped cream and chocolate. Each were flavorful and hot enough we could immediately take a sip without being burned.

The bread panini we adored. The bread buns looked grilled but it has no burned aftertaste. Its texture was crunchy and firm to hold the generous portion of compact scrambled egg, fresh tomato and ham. It tasted very healthy and organic. I wanted another one but one order already made me full.

The rest of the day, we spent watching the World Cup, watched a couple of movie and chilled out for the rest of the day.

Hail to Canada Day!

Nat Christine Park for Father's Day

First Father’s Day in Canada

It has been a productive first Father’s Day here in Canada.

My husband and I started the day with a mid-morning brisk walk to Nat Christie Park nearby. The day was dreary with partly rainshowers but I was too excited to visit the park that a walk would be enough to be with nature for a few hours.

Since we took the opposite route from where we went before, of course I am bound (and expected) to take pictures along the way. :D

On the way to Nat Christie Park.

On the way to the park, this green scenery is breathtaking.

Nat Christie Park signage. This is an awesome route for joggers and bikers.

The hubby goes “rocky” style. :D

A view of a bridge in Nat Christie Park.

Rock formations by the edge of jogger's lane.

Rock formations by the jogger and biker’s lane.

The trees are wonderful in Nat Christine Park.

The trees are amazing in this park.

A creepy looking tree, worth the shoot.

This tree is creepy, but still worth the shot.

Tree lined jogger and biker's lane.

The jogger and biker’s lane.

Park sculpture.

A sculpture in Nat Christine Park. I’m not sure what it is but it looked like the skeleton of a horn.

Other rock formations in the park.

Other rock formations.

The hubby relaxing.

The hubby relaxing after a long walk.

A picturesque greenery.

A picturesque green scenery.

Another bridge ni Nat Christie Park.

Another bridge underneath a busy road. I thought the bridge moved a bit but hubby said it could be just the rumble of cars overhead.

We were invited to a Father’s day lunch so we didn’t have enough time to explore the park further. So it’s definitely another visit next weekend!

Nick's Restaurant.

For lunch, we had a get-togetherĀ at Nick’s Steakhouse and Pizza by Crowchild NW.

It was the first time for me to be there and as I expected from the steakhouse, it was dark wooden interiors, high wooden beams, yellow lighting and a good-vibe ambiance for family get-togethers.


Amazing selection of fruits, breakfast meals, main meals, and desserts. Yum!

On my plate.

Hubby and I didn’t had any breakfast. We had only some soup before coming to Nick’s so my inclination to get a lot of meat from the buffet was expected. Haha!

Well-done steaks

What’s the sense of being in a steakhouse without ordering some steaks right? :D These were pretty tasty and juicy. Perfect for my taste.

Aunt and Uncle.

It wasn’t just Father’s day. It was also Grandpa day!

Hubby and I.

Around the table, it has been predicted there might be a new father by next year. We’ll see. :D

The Solstice family.

The daddy was too busy talking to the princess to pose.

Kelsey and Mark.

It has been a nice day. Right now hubby and I are relaxing for the rest of this Sunday afternoon. Till another wonderful get-together with these awesome people.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

Especially to my dad, who I heard from my sister loved their father’s day lunch at a nearby neighborhood restaurant back in the Philippines. It was my small way to still give a present despite the distance. :)