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Uptown Sushi Combo K

Uptown Sushi

It has been two months since I arrived in Canada and I had made one ultimate conclusion…

I will NEVER love the cold. Emphasis on ‘love’.

I could probably like it… for a 2 weeks or so. But more than that of freezing point? Meh.

If I had the rantings of an old woman with osteoperosis back in the Philippines, my back pains has become worse because of the cold. It’s a curse.

Thankfully, I stayed mostly indoors but the cold prohibited my actions so much I couldn’t do what I often do back in my homeland… food tripping.

Yes, I’ve already been to a number of restaurants but the cold dulled my experience. Even with delicious food shoved under my nose for worship, my brain couldn’t function except for one… “I want to go home and snuggle under the comforter. Heat!”

Thankfully, with the arrival of Spring in the air, the temperature is gradually getting less cold, and I could stay out longer compared when I first arrived in a freezing -32 degrees. I was able to appreciate a Japanese dinner with my husband at Uptown Sushi found at 11 st. S.W.

Uptown Sushi, Calgary, Alberta

Uptown Sushi is a small, cozy, Japanese-esque looking sushi bar. A low counter for orders and payment, a small waterfall at the corner, a self-serving rice tea corner, hardly will it connote Asian authenticity. In truth, it looked liked an Asian convenience store from the outside. But hardly do I let aesthetics dampen by excitement at a time my body finally has the strength to go along my foodie urge.

An Italian looking guy greeted us from the counter and readily handed us the glossy menu, where everything listed on it are primarily… what do you expect, sushi.

Even with primarily text-heavy menu design, the rich use of words to describe each sushi item makes the brain go overdrive with options. Sushi lovers will love and hate this moment of decision.

Uptown Sushi Miso Soup Uptown Sushi Miso Soup

Our miso soup arrived as an appetizer. Contrary to what I was used to in the Philippines, this one has subtle spice in it.


The Takoyaki was to die for. Perfectly bite-sized, deliciously round gift from heaven, my husband and I were non-stop praising its tasty delicacy of Asian gastronomic nature. It was right then and there, we knew we will become a regular Clientele because of the Takoyaki.

Uptown Sushi Tempura

Crunchy, tasty shrimp shared by Poseidon. Just the right amount of crispiness not overshadowing the seafood flavor underneath, unlike some I’ve tasted in the past (which are not worth another round of rants).

Uptown Sushi Combo K

Rice bowls (besides Ramen) being Japanese staples, it was not surprising when my husband was dubious about not having one for dinner. Then again, I made the right decision to settle on Combo Platter K.

For Asian standards, the sushi sizes were BIG. They weren’t bite sized at all. These were probably made for Western standards. Good news is, there is MORE of everything. More rice, bigger fish slice, more vegetables, etc.

Uptown Sushi Orders

Bottomline, we had an extremely satisfying Japanese dinner. I absolutely loved the small, quaint, Uptown Sushi just around the corner. A few days ago, we ordered to-go of the heavenly Takoyaki. And we’ll surely come back again.

Website: Uptown Sushi
Address: #101-1177 11 Ave. SW Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403 228 5621