Here is this month’s Restaurant Choice… we were off to experience culinary ‘Southern France’ brunch/lunch in a lazy Saturday noon. The restaurant prides itself for creating memorable fresh flavor with local flair with wines carefully chosen to pair perfectly with food dishes.

Cassis Bistro has done something right as they have garnered recognition in several acknowledged sources, some of which are below:

  • Top 25 restaurants 2018 – Avenue Magazine
  • Best French 2018 – Avenue Magazine
  • Best French 2017 – Avenue Magazine
  • Top 100 Restaurants in Canada 2014
  • 50 Best Restaurants in Canada – Maclean’s Magazine

Large windows illuminate the minimalist and subtle wooden accents of the cozy interiors, with one wall featuring an emblazoned-like empty art nouveau frame, which actually features a ‘silent’ movie. It wasn’t exactly a silent movie but more of an old-style looking flick with the volume off, which makes sense since there is already an easy-listening playlist playing moderately in the background.

In my opinion, the main dining area didn’t give an obvious French vibe if it wasn’t for 4 things that pulled in the France atmosphere:

(1) The Ratatouille du Chef wall recipe that is written in French

(2) The cafe area that featured some hanging plants and retro looking posters

(3) The patio is a world on its own. Dine here on a perfect sunny day and it feels like you are on a different world

(4) The awesome, helpful server with the French accent. It helps they refer to everyone as ‘Monsieur’, ‘Madame’, and ‘Mademoiselle’.

Cassis Bistro to the Patio

One thing we noticed is it took quite some waiting time for our orders. The place is a stone’s throw to Downtown, so I took into consideration that it was a weekend and the clientele could be more adept to spending a little more time enjoying the calm ambiance of the place. Plus, the dishes we ordered might have taken a little more time to do, but we were happy so far with our choices.

Plateau de charcuterie
Plateau de charcuterie – a selection of fine cured meats

Cassis Bistro Duck confit Lyonnaise
Duck confit Lyonnaise – caramelized onions, crispy potato, garlic, mustard jus

This one is a show stopper and lives up to its reputation (among reviews) of being one of the most recommended dishes in this restaurant. Flavorful, succulent, tender, and juicy duck that would make one go back again and taste this heavenly goodness!

Cassis Bistro Steak Frites
Steak frites – Alberta striploin served with frites & salad
The fries were of different variety. It tastes differently – in a good way!

Cassis Bistro Croque Madame
Croque Madame – béchamel, ham, cheese, fried egg & mixed salad

Cassis Bistro Three Egg Omelette Du Jour
Three Egg Omelette Du Jour – Farm Fresh Egg Omelette, Sauteed Potatoes, Bacon & Mixed Green Salad

Cassis Bistro Kir Royal
Kir Royal – Creme de Cassis, Sparkling Wine

And they sure didn’t skimp on the portions!

As a bonus, after dining, you can go visit Market 17 and J.Webb Wines next door to continue your gastronomic high and bring a piece of authentic flavors home.

Cruz clan in Cassis Bistro

Here is a picture of three generations of the Cruz Clan, enjoying a sunny afternoon in Cassis Bistro.

Come to Cassis Bistro for a memorable French experience and experience an accessible approach to cuisine drawn straight from Gilles roots in the south of France.

Of course, never forget to say the favorite French adage when its time to eat: Bon Appétit! It’s worth its meaning. 😀

Cassis Bistro

#105 2505 17th Ave SW
Calgary, AB, T3C 1J7
403 262 0036