I’m still having a hangover… over jazz.

We almost missed the Emilie-Claire Barlow and Matt Dusk concert yesterday. It wasn’t because we were late. In fact we were early. Too early that I opted to order 2 sparkling wines just so I could feel my hubby and I were doing something else other than checking our mobiles and taking selfies. 

What made us almost miss the concert was us hesitating to go outside because of the dreary, chilly weather. It was gloomy and roads were slippery. It wasn’t a night anybody woud like to be in. Given my body has the tendency to tense too much in this conditions, I almost called it a night.

But everytime my husband teasingly asked me if we were to push through with our plans, I remembered the last time I went anywhere near a live jazz performance was more than a decade ago. I was in a jazz lounge in my hometown for a work-related meeting. So instead of lounging in a comfortabe chair holding a glass of wine while listening to the sultry voice of the lounge singer, I was taking down notes and addressing concerns of CEO’s and marketing officers. Meh.

So despite the weather, I squirmed myself out of the warm comforter to brave the weather. We opted to ride the train since the concert hall was near our place and we didn’t need to bother for a parking space. 

Boy am I glad we went. Everything was perfect, I’m still drunk with jazz hangover.

Emilie-Claire Barlow is a Juno award-winner singer, with 10 albums to date that are inclusive of daring and exhilirating take on 60’s pop music, French chansons, and others. She later on joined the stage with Matt Dusk, who recently got his 5th album out titled My Funny Valentine: The Chet Baker Songbook.

Emilie-Claire Brown & Matt Dusk on stage

I am no musician nor do I have the musical background to understand technicalities of a perfect musical score, but I cleary remember closing my eyes, not to fall asleep, but to feel the vibrations and embrace of each sound tha reverberated within the concert hall. There wasn’t a performance I didn’t bob my head in time with the beat. One time Matt Dusk had the microphone killed and sang just to show everyone how wonderful the concert hall is. When he sang, his warm voice still carried clearly across the hall. That moment was so simple  yet raw, I felt a thrill just watching him perform. His comedic speeches were precious too. Together with Emilie-Claire, they made a perfect combination of musical talent nobody can help but fall in love with them.

On our way home, my husband and I were humming to some of the tunes from the concert. We were obviously immensely affected by these two (2) awesome jazz artists. They may not be popular in the mainstream market, but they definitely are stars in their own right. We’re actually researching their album right now in iTunes and I’m currently melting hearing Matt Dusk’s voice belting out My Funny Valentine. 

To Emilie-Claire Barlow and Matt Dusk, you two are now my favorite voices of soulful jazz lullaby.