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Hubby Organizes!

The Crane Wants to Read

It isn’t always my hubby organizes things around the house. So when he suddenly took the initiative to organize our bookshelf, I was really happy. 😀

Looking at our bookshelf, I realized how my husband and my interests intermingle on those shelves. His books relate more about business, entrepreneurship, travel, and superhero related coffee table books. My books, on the other hand, are about cooking, design, adult coloring books, and some novels.

Those intermingling of interests is fascinating. The books aren’t arranged in any specific order. One shelf even just consists of my artsy stuff, inclusive of my sketchbooks, colored pencils, origami papers, etc. Yet, those disorganized pieces of knowledge, stories, and intellectual modules are a culmination of the eccentric (and may I see sometimes nerdy) creativity of my husband and I are happy to acknowledge is the reason we are together.

Great minds think alike right?

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