In continuation of our monthly “Vacation series”, wherein we visit a restaurant with a foreign vibe that we haven’t been before, we visited Korean Village Restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of kimchi (at least in anything more than a tablespoon of quantity), but I am a fan of everything else, especially of bulgogi. Hit me with it anytime! 😀

 Also, whenever I celebrate a birthday I’d rather dine out rather than plan and organize a party at home. Why? Because I’d rather be pampered than organize, plan, cook, and think of the clean-up. I’d go for a party if somebody else would do all of those for me. Otherwise, let me be a queen for day. But that’s just me. 

We were one of the first ones to be seated upon the restaurant’s opening its doors. There is a cozy, woody, asian feel of the place. Plus, you have a sense of privacy from the high cubicles surrounding 3 sides of a table.  

Besides ordering individual dishes, you have the option to order a course with ready-to-eat meals or the one with the “Cook at Your Table” experience. Since we rarely go to a Korean Restaurant, as the birthday celebrant I suggested to choose the latter to gain the full bulgogi experience… despite smelling like food and smoke later. The mouth-watering food is worth it!

Bulgogi Meat. Marinated Beef Rib (2pc), Marinated Beef Bulgogi, Marinated Chicken Bulgogi, Marinated Pork Bulgogi, with Mushrooms

Did you hear that sizzle? I bet you could smell it huh? It was marinated so well it’s mouth watering!

We chose the ‘BBQ Combo For 6 (Cook at your Table)’ course for our table of 6. Well, technically, it’s more 5 and 3/4 participants since one is an almost 2-year old boy. 

Together with our main dishes, which are:

– The Bulgogi selections

– Seaweed Soup

– Seafood Pancake

– Hamul Jjim

…we also had 12 small portions of Korean side dishes such as Kongnamul Muchim (Seasoned Soybean Sprouts), Sigeumchi Namul (Seasoned Spinach), Mu Namul (Stir-fried Radish) and more.

A cup of rice is also served for each participant. The rice is different as I think there is some plum mixed in it too.

Together with the meal is also corn tea, which is subtly refreshing to drink in between bites to cleanse your palette.

This isn’t a strong dish but goes harmoniously with everything else served at the table. Don’t be concerned if there is a strong seafood creature because it doesn’t. My 2-year old actually loved it so much he ate quite a portion of this dish.

Hamul Jjim is a combination of seafoods in a spicy pasty sauce.

And here are the awesome gang I’m with celebrating my birthday at the restaurant. Worthwhile to be with these people. 😀

I’d definitely recommend BBQ Combo for 6 course for groups as you’ll experience a myriad of flavors that blends harmoniously together. Sweet, spicy, bitter, salty, and oh the umami. 

One thing for sure, this place is perfect to dine in as a group. You can order one of those course meals, which features several menu items in one package. These are worth it for large groups as the dishes are flavorful, has generous quantity, and definitely worth the buck per head.

Korean Village Restaurant

1324 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J2