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The Crane Wants to Read

Hubby Organizes!

It isn’t always my hubby organizes things around the house. So when he suddenly took the initiative to organize our bookshelf, I was really happy. 😀 Looking at our bookshelf, I realized how my husband and my interests intermingle on those shelves. His books relate more about business, entrepreneurship, travel, and superhero related coffee table […]

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Light snow accumulated in our lawn.

Shopping for the Hubby

0005. Feature Photo above: Winter Wonderland It took some persuasion for me to push my husband to get up and drive us to the Market Mall for his yearly wardrobe shopping. The snow piled up so much from yesterday’s light snow I almost didn’t want to go out. But you know what? The snow is […]

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Dungeons and Dragons boardgame

Victory in DnD!

0004. We Have Descent to Victory It’s our first board game (and victory of the year). Yay! We lost the same campaign before from not being used to the app mechanics. I wasn’t a Dungeons and Dragons player before. Playing “Descent” made me practice how to manage competitiveness in an immersive fantasy game widely different […]

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The First Crane Has Landed

The Cranes Start to Fly

Happy New Year everyone! I was supposed to make this post yesterday, but my husband and I attended a fun and food-filled evening of a get-together with family last night. We went home around midnight and just jumped into bed. We were to well-fed (hehe) and conked out from singing karaoke, talking, and well, eating […]

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