This is the first of a series of post I promised I will be posting regarding the places my husband and I ate in prior and after moving to our new home. Whereas dining out isn’t a requisite in exploring an area, it is one of our motivating factors to blend into a community.

Prior to moving from Downtown, there was this one diner that catches our attention during our random weekend walks because of the line of people we see outside its doors. Whenever we felt the urge to finally try the place out, we end up perturbed by the line of people outside.

Until one Sunday morning, we decided to go straight to Galaxie Diner after our morning mass. We arrived there before 8:30 am and just our luck, we were one of the first people in! Finally! It was a good decision too because the place filled up a few minutes after we were seated.

Expect nothing fancy in the decor or the layout of the diner, but be transported into the time of jukeboxes, retro posters, and overall iconic casual American dinner. In retrospect, I was also reminded of Luke’s Diner from my favorite show, Gilmore Girls. Shelf-filled walls, open kitchen, and comfortable tables make this a perfect place to go to everyday for personable chit-chat, good food, and a conducive family and community ambiance for anyone wanting to relax in homey comfort.

galaxi diner jukebox
galaxie diner posters

What I like about diners is how flexible their menu can be. My husband and I love eggs. If there aren’t any health issues regarding eating eggs day, noon, and night every single day, we might do just that. Since we want to live long lives, we do try to keep everything we eat into moderation. We hadn’t had any breakfast that day, so our eyes immediately flew to “Omelette of Choice”, where you can order ANY number of fillings for the same price. Check out the options below.

My husband had his omelette consist of a lot of meat. I find it amusing how a lot of guys seem to have this staple for adding a lot of meat on dishes they have control to customize like in this case, omelettes, and notably, pizzas.

omelette with meat filling

Hubby’s omelette had bacon, ham, Montreal smoked meat and beef sausage. Everything was oh-so-good meaty goodness that is unforgettable.

omelette with vegetables

My omelette had cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onions, green onions, tomatoes, and sour cream.

Both of our omelettes come with hash browns and toast.

And might I say this level of omelette personalization, quantity, and friendly service brought Sunday smiles that day. If you ever drop by Downtown Calgary and seeking for a place to dine in, I recommend Galaxie Diner. You just have to be really early for breakfast, though. That’s how famous they are. They also adhere to this strict rule that if you ever come with a group, everyone must be present before they seat you. Just a heads up.

Galaxie Diner

1413 11 St SW,
AB T2R 1G7