This morning had been full of errands, consisting of cashing a cheque, grocery shopping in two supermarkets, dropping hubby’s coat at Stich It for some tailoring and dry cleaning, hubby getting a haircut, and me going gaga over some live crabs at T&T Asian supermarket.

It is no problem for us to have so many errands. The killer was the chilly wind blasts that stung our faces. It hurt really bad!

To reward our productive day, by lunchtime, hubby and I went to Mongolian Hotpot in Pacific place. It was a first for us to dine in a Hotpot (or “shabu-shabu”, as what we call it in our homeland) restaurant during winter here in Calgary. What better way to beat the cold but with flavorful broth and myriad of food choices.

Mongolian Hotpot Interiors

It was warm, spacious, and cozy. A perfect refuge against the winter cold.

Hubby and I found the interiors to be inviting and warm. The minimalistic structure is accentuated tastefully with geometric decorations on the wall, abstract paintings, and some framed photos. The place isn’t a grand pose of some high-class luxury by any means, but the comfort of its atmosphere makes it feel like it is one. We felt very sorry leaving the premises after our meal when we felt the blast of cold air mercilessly hitting our faces on our way back to the car. “Back to reality”, hubby says. Bahumbug.

And may I say their washroom is divine. It is very clean and fresh-smelling when we used it. And we want to say thank you to our asian server (I forgot to get her name, drats!), who was very helpful with giving us intructions how to go about doing our first order in the restaurant. Without her help, we might have ordered more than we could eat.

Mongolian Hotpot's secret special broth

Mongolian Hotpot’s secret special broth

Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot boasts of its soup bases from their own secret recipe consisting of freshest ingredients featuring up to 36 different herbs and spices. The broth is aromatic and flavorful and is decorated with ingredients such as goji berries, jujubes, black cardamon pods, ginseng, garlic, and herbs. This is a broth that works with anything you put in it, may it be meat, vegetables, dimsum, and sauces.

There is a spicy variant for their broth for those who wants some kick into their meal. You can order both broth variants, which will be served in a metal bowl divided in the middle. A cheaper way to do this is to order the house broth, then get as many chili oil or sauce from the sauce bar to mix your own spicy broth in your own serving bowl.

Mongolian Hotpot Guide

They even provide suggestions at your table. Perfect for new customers like us.

The best thing about hot pots is the freedom of creating your own meal. You can order anything ala carte, but we chose the other route, which is you have to pay $20+/adult for an eat-all-you-can-eat hotpot choices. That way, we didn’t have to conscious of the number of items we order and just enjoy the experience.

our mongolian hotpot orders

We took something from each category of their menu. Appetizer, Meat, Seafood, Side Dish, Meat Ball, Dumpling & Wonton, Vegetables, Noodle, and Drinks. Oh, we didn’t order any Tofu. Too bad.

Here are what we ordered together with our broth:

– 2 orders Szechuan Style Kimchi
– 10 pcs of Lamb Shoulder Slices
– 10 pcs Fatty Beef Slices
– 4 Luncheon Pork Pieces
– 4 Mussel Pieces
– 2 Pork Livers
– 4 Quail Eggs
– 8 Shrimp Ball Pieces
– 8 Veggie & Pork Dumpling Pieces
– Spinach Leaves
– Green Leaf Lettuce
– 4 Orders of Rice Vermicelli
– 1 Bowl of Steamed Rice
– 2 Iced Lemon Tea (Free Refills)

Mongolian Hotpot Sauces

(Clockwise, starting from the yellow sauce at top left: Garlic Oil, Soy Sauce, Chili Oil, Cilantro, and Chili Paste.

Much credit is given to their sauce bar. You can take as much as you want to season your hotpot orders with. I was surprised to find Peanut Butter there too, but I wasn’t too keen to trying it. I do eat Peanut Butter. I just don’t go gaga over it like others.

The Verdict

Hubby continuously says he wants to go back. I’m glad to hear that since it isn’t always he says that after eating at a restaurant. He has this principle that once he tries a new place, he’d rather go to a new one than return to a restaurant. I’m the opposite. So hearing him being adamant about returning to Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot placed a smile on my face. That means I don’t have to work much on persuading him to return to this restaurant. Haha.

Our meal was so good I forgot one important thing… dessert. I always have dessert at the end of each meal. Good thing I bought some ensaymada from the Asian supermarket. Thus, I made it an entry to my #1000papercranes challenge. I forgot to have a crane with our Hotpot because I was to hungry and excited to remember.

Espesyal Mamon

When I saw the word Mamon and the brand Jackn’Jill, I remembered home. <3

Cheers to Asian and Mongolian flavors!

Little Sheep Mongolian Hotpot

Calgary, AB
999 36 Street NE Unit 100A
Calgary, AB T2A 7X6
(403) 475-6889

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11:00am-11.00pm