Random Doodle Fantasy

Random Doodle Fantasy

This might have been one of the most “serious” doodles I’ve ever done.

I usually doodle with no conscious intention of what the output will be. I mean, that’s what doodles usually are about right? With this artwork, it had the intention of being an entry for Michaels. I didn’t win the contest but I realized how “zen” I was while creating it and how good it looked after.

Since then, I’ve made conscious efforts in doodling. Sometimes I like what I did, sometimes I don’t. But that is what art is all about. It’s all trial and error.

This artworks were all about shapes curated together into a chaotic hodge-podge of anything nature related. Thus, the majority of nature images you see. I’m a frustrated gardener. Possibly the reason you see lots of plants.

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