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Shopping for the Hubby

Light snow accumulated in our lawn.

0005. Feature Photo above: Winter Wonderland

It took some persuasion for me to push my husband to get up and drive us to the Market Mall for his yearly wardrobe shopping. The snow piled up so much from yesterday’s light snow I almost didn’t want to go out. But you know what? The snow is pretty. I detest the cold, but when I see snow sparkling in the sunlight, it made me forget for a bit of my hatred for winter. Mustering up the courage and layering on many clothes for warmth, we were able to spend a few hours at the mall for what I call a couple “date”. No errands, no appointments, no work waiting at home. Just leisure strolling and shopping for his clothes.

0006. Coat fetish

Shopping in Market Mall, Calgary
Choosing a coat for the hubby.

I didn’t realize I like looking at men’s clothes. I’m not sure if I I have the eye for men’s fashion but I did enjoy seeing my husband trying one coat after another until we were handed one we both liked on him. Kudos to the Asian assistant, who assisted us patiently going from one end of the store to the other, just to find the right coat for us. By the end of the day, my husband got a Vince Camuto coat, 2 Old Navy shirts, a couple of Jockey shirts, and a Bucketlist journal.

I, on the other hand, got a simple 2017 planner, a panda bookmark, and a cute orange stress ball.

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