Last Saturday, I pulled my husband off the bed early morning in preparation to brave the cold weather and commute to Studio Bell. It has been on our bucket list to visit the recently opened Calgary’s musical haven and I knew deep down that my husband will enjoy it immensely being the music lover and composer that he is.

StudioBell is the new 160,000-square-foot facility built to become the first national cultural institution dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the Canadian music in all forms.

StudioBell is artistically designed for each of its 5-floors to feel interconnected, to maximize the feel of spaciousness and acoustics throughout the whole building. We could clearly hear the choir practicing from the 2nd while we were on the 4th floor. It’s that awesome.


Amazing skylight that enhances the museum’s space and light.

View from top floors

This is not for the faint of heart. But the view is amazing.

StudioBell Level 5 – Best of Canada

“Celebrate the Canadian musicians who have left their mark on this country and beyond.”

StudioBell Halls of Fame

StudioBell Idols and Icons Costumes

Stories and costume displays from great Canadian musicians – past and present – including some of their instruments and artifacts.

Idols and Icons displays

Wall of idols and icons

Wall of present and past Canadian musicians.

StudioBell Level 4 – Making Music

Even if you think you are not a musician, you are capable to make music.

I also call this the “Interactive” floor. This is where parts of the exhibit are displayed for visitors to play with.


See rare acoustic instruments and try out some instruments yourself!

There was a number of other plugged in headphones and touch screen interactive displays to teach anyone chords that translate to hit songs. Even if you don’t play an instrument, you can become a musician in no time!

The hubby learning new chords from an interactive lesson.

Hubby playing with the drums

My hubby trying his hand at being a percussion rock stor.

Roots of NMC piano display

This is one of the incredible keyboard displays from the Cantos Collection that led to the vision of creating NMC. Even with left-hand tendinitis, I was still able to play a few bars of Fur Elise. It’s a futile attempt to recapture my piano playing days but hey, I still enjoyed the moment.

Roots of NMC

One of the amazing keyboard collection in StudioBell.

Plugged in


This room is an instrument where you can see sound move. Use your hands and feet to control the tones.

This is my husband enjoying the interactive Bodyphonic experience. You stand on a marked floor symbol, raise your hands, make a fist, then move around to enjoy the sounds your body movements make.

StudioBell Level 3 – Power of Music

“Music is powerful stuff, don’t you agree?”


An exploration of distinctive Canadian voices.

Sound Affects

Remarkable showpieces are on display wherein some are played at certain times of the day.

One of the displays explaining the science behind music.

How does music move you?

This got to be my 2nd favorite part of the museum. Put on a set of headphones, listen to the music, then select a postcard on what you felt about music. Share and read experiences from other visitors.

Our thoughts about music.

The listen wall.

StudioBell Level 2 – Music Mosaic

“Have private or public concerts that can play for the entire building. The sounds are heavenly.”


Influential artists that made a unique contribution to music in Canada.

Other parts of Level 2 were the ‘Soundscapes’ and ‘Where Music Lives’.

Level 1 – Canada Music Square

“Where your musical adventure starts… and it’s worth every penny.”

The ground floor of Studio Bell houses the Drop-In Zone where you can map out your activity for the day, and the Rosso Coffee Roasters and NMC Shop, where you can grab a coffee or shop for souvenirs.

I recommend StudioBell for everyone!

You will enjoy StudioBell’s uniqueness and ingenuity to curate musical icons and treasures. It powerfully delivers messages of music’s effect through landscapes, time, and people. If for but one moment, we forget the outside world and realize how minuscule our part is in a universal story that expands through time and history without much use of words but through the abstract feeling of notes and sounds.

studiobell logo

850 4 Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 1R1
T 403.543.5115
TF 1.800.213.9750